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The Role of Mobile Learning in Supporting Community Health Workers’ Continuous Learning: A case study of a Village Health Teams (VHT) Training APP.

ABSTRACT Key Words: Mobile Learning, Inclusive learning, Innovation, Community of Practice In the health service hierarchy, the VHT group is presumed to occupy the lower spot at the community level which status would not make it a priority for regular knowledge refreshment, a challenge that positions the group as excluded. Besides, VHTs are volunteer support […]

Educational Technology

What you need to know to start a career in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) or eLearning.

Electronic learning (eLearning) or Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) as in some circles referred to, sounds a new trend in the East African region. I owe the assumption to the rate of skills uptake and utilization of eLearning services in Uganda. The rest of the world including some African states have embraced eLearning as a fully […]

Educational Technology

Include Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching (TEL&T) in Educators’ Education & Skills Training.

In a bid to improve education quality (SDG4), educators across the globe have embraced educational technology to support teaching and learning but also engage learners in student-centred learning with technology-driven activities such as discussions and assignments. I am convinced that the 21st-century educator should not be technology averse. Technology is not meant to replace teachers […]

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