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The Role of Mobile Learning in Supporting Community Health Workers’ Continuous Learning: A case study of a Village Health Teams (VHT) Training APP.

ABSTRACT Key Words: Mobile Learning, Inclusive learning, Innovation, Community of Practice In the health service hierarchy, the VHT group is presumed to occupy the lower spot at the community level which status would not make it a priority for regular knowledge refreshment, a challenge that positions the group as excluded. Besides, VHTs are volunteer support […]

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Open versus closed approach to digital practices: Questions towards choosing a roadmap.

Considering an effective Networked Practitioner, both approaches have benefits as discussed by Weller and Adam (The Open University, 2020). However,  it is worth noting that to some degree, the advantages of openness are negated in a closed environment while a closed approach tends to maintain the status quo for the same reasons as to why openness should be embraced in digital scholarship.The […]

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